Premium Dropship Service - How it Works

Program Details for Premium Dropship Service

This is a monthly service with no contract and you can cancel at any time.

All the product information and photos you need to fill your website with amazing brand named accessories is available with just a Synclogic connection. (Synclogic is an app you can add to your Shopify store for $19.99 that connects your website to the Dropship Happens website and then transfers the products information and photos to your website.)

We will provide you with new bags, jewelry, accessories, home and other miscellaneous items with multiple options once a week with a specific release date and sample buying windows. 

Each item will be packaged with the care and shipped within 1-2 business days. A generic thank you note, with a $.25 - $1 thank you gift included with each package.


Benefits to Dropship Happens

  • No need to organize inventory
  • No long hours on the computer entering descriptions, measurements and weights into Shopify. 
  • No risk in ordering large quantities of inventory. 
  • No need to hire employees to handle shipping. 
  • Shipping is based on weight 
  • Your return address on every package
  • All items ship within 1-2 business days
  • Auto invoicing using Synclogic 
  • No start up fees
  • Low monthly fee
  • No contract or commitment 

Included in Monthly Fee

  • 12-15 items each week (accessories, household and miscellaneous items)
  • Product description including size and wight
  • Great Photos of each item to keep your website looking professional.
  • Shipping materials for all your customers packages.

Let us:

  • Provide multiple options for most accessory items so you don’t have too. 
  • Weekly releases that may include bag options in multiple colors and multiple jewelry options (earring, necklace, bracelet in multiple metals or colors), multiple miscellaneous accessory options and household items
  • We enter all the options and details into Shopify which saves you hours of time. (You use Synclogic to sync those details to your website) Don't have a synclogic or a Shopify website? No problem! You can use this service for social selling too by just copy and pasting the descriptions and grab the photos!  Feel free to email us for more details!
  • We handle all the shipping to your customers. Each item is packaged with care and will include a generic thank you note and $.25 - $1 gift item to your customer. 
  • Each package has your name and return address on it

No inventory

  • You can buy samples prior to launch to show on live sales or take photos for social media posts using your face and your brand. 
  • Or use our website graphics to share on social media
  • Your customers purchase from YOU and we help by handling the inventory and shipping!

No Shipping for you!

  • Your customers order is forwarded to us using Synclogic and an invoice is sent to you for the WS/dropship price. You pay the invoice and we ship the order to your customer. 
  • Don't have the Synclogic app or a Shopify website? You can still use our service for social selling!  Just email us and we can walk you through how that will work!

Only Profit

  • You keep the profit!


What does it cost you ask? 1st month is FREE 

  • First month is free! This gives you a chance to try out the service to see how it all works!
  • $25 per month for 1-100 orders
  • $50 per month for 100+ orders
  • This will be based on your orders for the first month.  
  • If you don't reach 100 orders in a month and you paid $50, we will credit you for the next month.  
  • You will only be charged the $50 fee after you have clearly shown you consistently have 100+ orders a month.

Why 2 prices based on sales?

Imagine paying an employee to ship 30 orders a month. Then imagine paying an employee to ship 100 orders.  I am a small boutique owner myself and understand the price difference in that.  All the other things that this service does is basically equal no matter how many orders you place.  If you have any questions about billing or anything please let me know! 


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