• Shop

    You, the retailer, have access to 100's of items from the drop shipper's warehouse to offer to your customers via social selling, email, or your website.  

  • Pay

    When you sell a warehouse item to your customer, the drop shipper will then charge you the wholesale price for that item (which is 50% less than retail).

  • Ship

    The drop shipper/warehouse ships the purchased item(s) to your customer.

  • Profit

    You keep the difference between the retail price (set by you) and the wholesale/dropship price as your profit! 

How do you connect to the warehouse?

Website - You can sync a Shopify website to the warehouse with a Shopify app called Synclogic.  Synclogic costs $19.99 a month and you can sync with many other drop shippers and wholesalers who also use Synclogic.  

Synclogic syncs all inventory including descriptions, photos, and inventory quantities to your shop.  When your customer makes a purchase, an invoice is emailed to you from the drop shipper for the wholesale/dropship price.  You pay the invoice and put your customer information in for ship to categories. The drop ship company ships to your customer. 

Social Selling - You can use the drop shippers website to gather all the information, including photos, descriptions and prices.  Then post that information to your social media and gather orders.  Then you place the order on the drop shippers website and put your customer information in for ship to categories. The drop ship company ships to your customer.

How do drop shippers differ from each other?

There are many ways drop shippers differ.  

  • Complete descriptions - One of the major ways drop shippers differ is how the descriptions are written.  Many are written with the retailer in mind.  Wording would need to be adjusted before publishing to the website.  
  • Specific Launch days - Some drop shippers release items randomly to everyone.  Other drop shippers have specific release days that include a sample buying window. 
  • Shipping Identification - Some drop shipping services put your boutique name and address on the return address for the packages.  Others will put their own brand name or a generic name such as "Warehouse" on it.  
  • Customer gifts and thank you cards - Many boutiques put thank you notes in their packages but when using drop shippers, that may not be an option.  Some drop shippers put a generic, non branded thank you note in the package.  Some also add a little thank you gift in the packages.  
  • Profit Margins - Most drop shippers have a mark up that is double their cost.  Others have a little less or a little more than that markup.  

What are the benefits to using Dropship Happens?

We have 2 options for you! 

  • One is a more full service paid drop ship service with regular releases, generic thank you notes and gifts, personalized return address, etc.  
  • We also have a free overstock service that is a basic drop ship service of our overstock items.  
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