Self employed does not need to mean alone. Even in the boutique world! 

Hi!  I'm Shari and I have been a boutique owner for about 6 years.  First with a MLM and then on my own, and finally with drop ship companies.  

By far, working with drop shippers is my favorite way to work my boutique business.  I love the community that some drop shippers (if done well) form.  I like the feeling that I am not alone.  

But there was one thing that seemed to be missing in the drop shipping world.  Accessories! My customers loved having all the clothing options that drop shipping allowed me to offer them from brand names they recognized and trusted.  They also love accessories.  Jewelry, bags, scarves, etc.  But I haven't been able to find a drop shipper that has the variety that they seem to crave by brand names they trusted.  My shoppers also want to see more color options, and be offered the gold AND silver in the jewelry.

But have a very small boutique and can not take on huge amounts of inventory.  In the drop ship world, there is either not enough color options, they are not recognized brands, or they release only one or two items per week.  My shoppers tend to want to see all the options at once and then pick one.  And if they love it, they come back for another color!  

After looking for a solution to this obstacle, I have decided to fill that need myself.  And invite any other boutiques who are having similar struggles! 

Right now I run Dropship Happens mainly on my own but recently started having my son help with organizing inventory and data entry.

Welcome to Dropship Happens!